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Foshan Zhichuang Aluminun CO., LTD. has several many up-to-date aluminum extrusion production lines. In addition, the company also owns precision die manufacturing, inside and outside pumping & drawing precision machining, anodizing surface treatment, surface grinding and polishing, surface spray, paint, surface drawing & sandblasting, precision aluminum alloy casting, CNC lathing, aluminum alloy welding, punching, bending, Milling production line, etc. The matching processing operations above were concentrated in one area.  
We are specialized in production of aluminum billet, aluminum tubes, cooling unit and other aluminum which are widely used in machinery, electronics, furniture, lighting, automobiles, architecture, aviation, etc. The material in use: 2011,2017,3003,5052,5056,6061. 6063, etc. Most products are exported to Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The company can also process other products according to customers' needs, such as energy-saving lamp, automobile wiper, vehicle spare parts, motorcycle spare parts, leisure furniture, furniture parts, shower spare parts, fitness equipment, medical equipment, etc.

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      • Foshan Nanhai Dali Zhichuang Hardware Product Plant
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      • Industrial,Aluminum,Profile,Aluminum,Products,Amplifier,radiator,PA Panel
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      • Dengxi Industrial Area,Dali Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province
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      • 528000
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      • Mr.Wang
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